Après plusieurs jours à attendre, le couperet est tombé. 

Delirium TV

La nouvelle est tombée et malheureusement, la chaîne Fox n'a pas retenu le pilote de la série adaptée de la saga Delirium
On ignore les raisons de ce choix mais la série n'a pas été retenue. Aura-t-elle le droit à une seconde chance?? Il est encore trop tôt pour le dire.  Je vous tiendrais au courant, comptez sur moi. ^^

L'auteur a réagi sur son blog:


To all my fans, friends, supporters, invalids: What can I say?

I’m disappointed that Fox decided against putting Delirium on-air, and I know how disappointed you must be, too. I can’t speak to the reasons for their decision, so instead I will speak to the positive (however difficult it might be for me to look on the bright side). From the beginning, I have been awed by the incredible depth and breadth of support for this TV series, and for my books. I’ve been blown away by the actors’ participation, by the community that emerged online to lend encouragement and enthusiasm, by the numerous expressions of love, optimism, and care. Yesterday, after receiving the news, I was deluged with messages on twitter and facebook, encouraging me to keep the faith, to keep writing, to keep believing that something better is right around the corner.

With fans and readers like you, it’s easy to keep the faith. How could I not?

Thank you for loving my books and for loving the series. Fortunately, the world of Delirium doesn’t live or die based on this decision. It is alive, extant, a breathing, evolving part of everyone who has read and connected to it.

Remember. They cannot take it from us. :)

So onward we go. I’m going to continue writing, touring, doing my thing. Today I’m in beautiful Grand Cayman, taking refuge in the sun, and taking refuge in the support of my fans. PLEASE COME SEE ME TONIGHT at Books & Books!


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