Twisted Circles_Claire Contreras

Je suis ravie de prendre part à ce cover reveal. Claire Contreras est une auteure que j'aime beaucoup et je surveille chacune de ces parutions. Je vous présente aujourd'hui son prochain roman qui mêle romance et suspens *o*


Synopsis :

When someone tells you who you are, do you believe them?

The first question the cops asked me was if anything out of the ordinary happened to me lately.

When I woke up this morning in the room of a mental institution I couldn’t remember a thing – not my name nor how I got there. Not how I left or how I ended up in that interrogation room.

The only thing I knew came from the contents inside my bag. A wallet, a student ID, a key that opened an unknown door, and two notebooks.

They tell me my name. It matches my IDs.

They tell me my story. I shut my eyes and try to piece it together, but can’t.

They tell me why they picked me up in the first place. They thought I was my sister. My brain stays stuck there. I try to rewind and fast-forward, as if my memories were on a videotape, but it’s no use. I can’t recall having a sister.

They put me back in the car and drop me off in front of a mansion they call The Manor and I discover what the mysterious key in my backpack opens the front door, and just as quickly wish I’d never unlocked it at all.

Parution le 13 juillet 2020


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