07 octobre 2020

{Cover Reveal} - The Harbinger#3 : Grace and Glory, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Admirez cette beauté !! *o* Attention, il s'agit d'un tome 3 donc le résumé spoile les précédents livres. Synopsis : Danger, betrayal, and enticing forbidden love clash in book three of #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Harbinger trilogy!When Angels FallTrinity Marrow has lost the battle and her beloved Protector. Even with both demons and Wardens on her side, Trin may not win the war against the Harbinger.Bringing Lucifer back to the world to fight the Harbinger is probably a really, really... [Lire la suite]
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24 septembre 2019

{Cover Reveal} - The Harbinger#2 : Rage and Ruin, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Synopsis : Forbidden alliances, forbidden love.A half human, half angel and her bonded gargoyle protector must work with demons to stop the apocalypse while avoiding falling in love. The Harbinger is coming…but who or what is it? All of humankind may fall if Trinity and Zayne can't win the race against time as dark forces gather.As tensions rise, they must stay close together and patrol the DC streets at night, seeking signs of the Harbinger, an entity that is killing Wardens and demons with no seeming rhyme or reason.Forbidden to... [Lire la suite]
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