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20 septembre 2017

{Cover Reveal} - Wicked#3 : Brave, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jolie !! Dommage que ça ne matche pas avec les précédentes :/   Synopsis : Ivy Morgan hasn't been feeling like herself lately. Not like anyone can blame her. After all, being held captive by a psychotic fae prince hell-bent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld is bound to leave some mental scars. It’s more than that, though. Something dark and insidious is spreading throughout Ivy, more powerful than she could ever imagine... and it’s coming between her and the man she’s fallen deeply in... [Lire la suite]
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19 juin 2017

Wicked #2 : Torn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Résumé : Torn between duty and survival, nothing can be the same. Everything Ivy Morgan thought she knew has been turned on its head. After being betrayed and then nearly killed by the Prince of the Fae, she’s left bruised and devastated—and with an earth-shattering secret that she must keep at all costs. And if the Order finds out her secret, they’ll kill her. Then there’s Ren Owens, the sexy, tattooed Elite member of the Order who has been sharing Ivy’s bed and claiming her heart. Their chemistry is smoking hot, but Ivy... [Lire la suite]
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19 mai 2017

Wicked - Bientôt une série TV

Sympa !! :D   Après un peu de teasing en début de semaine, Jennifer L. Armentrout l'a annoncé aujourd'hui : la saga Wicked va être adapatée en mini série par PassionFlix. Celle-ci devrait arriver à l'Automne 2018. J'avais beaucoup aimé le premier tome (vous pouvez retrouver ma chronique ici) et je suis ravie à l'idée de voir Ivy, Ren et Tink prendre vie sur le petit écran. Evidemment, j'attends de voir le casting ;) Et ce n'est pas tout. PassionFlix a beaucoup d'autres projets dans ses cartons !! A l'image de NetFlix,... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2015

Wicked #1, Jennifer L. Armentrout

  Résumé : Things are about to get Wicked in New Orleans. Twenty-two year old Ivy Morgan isn’t your average college student. She, and others like her, know humans aren’t the only thing trolling the French Quarter for fun… and for food. Her duty to the Order is her life. After all, four years ago, she lost everything at the hands of the creatures she’d sworn to hunt, tearing her world and her heart apart. Ren Owens is the last person Ivy expected to enter her rigidly controlled life. He’s six feet and... [Lire la suite]
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